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Welcome To Okinawa Karate School.

Okinawa Karate School was established in the year 1993. Later on the school was registered by Govt. of Odisha under 1860 of society act in the year 2007, Okinawa Karate School is affiliated to Okinawa Martial Art Academy, Japan Karate Shotokai India. The teaching skill of the school based on traditional karate (Shoto based)and yoga. We teach exercise in yogic method by which students improve their power, speed, memory & concentration. Our training skill was appreciated by many institutions. The school also provides special training on fitness, combat and self defense techniques for women’s.

Karate: - Karate is a high-intensity sport that people of all ages (from ages 5 to 70 yrs) can participate in. It teaches focus, control and fitness through a series of exercises. Karate may also focus on self-defense. Karate builds self-esteem and self-confidence as well as teaches goals. Goals are obtained through the system of promotion of belts (e.g., white to black belt). For these reasons kids especially benefit from karate through after-school programs.